Product Features

The unique features of ‘‘AXON’’ are

‘‘AXON’’ maintains a complete track of entire history of the patient and helps in augmenting diagnosis meNthodology through its analytical capabilities  

 ‘‘AXON’’ makes multilingual prescriptions and patient records to be printed more legibly, in an organized format.  

 ‘‘AXON’’ is fully customizable software.  In a few minutes, it can be set up to work as the Doctor does. Its user-friendly operations enhance the pleasure of working with it, making it an integral part of practice, as time goes by.

- Indoors

1. Handle details of an indoor patient in less than a minute.

2. Discharge Summary generated through the software itself.

3. Modify / reprint a discharge summary.


- Certificates

1. Create your own pre-formatted templates for certificates / letters.

2. Generate patient specific certificates / letters at a click of a button.


- Photographs

Facility to add patient specific photographs / scanned images etc…



  1.       1. Prescriptions in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati, also in customized local language too at a           click of a button.
  2.       2. Provision for printing duplicate prescription.
  3.       3. Create several Standard Prescriptions related to a diagnosis and retrieve them at a click.
  4.       4. Save on stationery by using the back page and ½ page prescription facilities.




1.      Generate indoor bills for the patient.

2.      Transfer all details to receipt on single click.

3.      Facility to create standard indoor bills.


1.      Generate / Print receipts for patients through the software.

2.      3C register gets generated automatically.

3.      Facility to keep track of advance received and discounts given.

4.      Facility to correct a wrong entry in receipt.

5.      Facility to accept cheques.

6.      Facility to handle Company patients and company-wise accounts

Daily Transactions

1.      Single screen for entry of any other income, all expenses through cash or cheque during a day.

2.      Track investments during a period.


      Automatically generates & maintains:

  •       OPD Register
  •       Indoor Registers
  •       3C Case Register
  •       Indoor Bill Register
  •       Company patient Register
  •       Pending professional fees Register
  •       Income & Expense Register
  •       Bank-wise transactions records
  •       Investment records



      Attach as many educative photographs as you wish and retrieve them at a click of a button.


      1. Facility to maintain category wise contacts details and generate labels.

      2. Facility to general periodic reminders.



- Analysis of Patient Data

1.      FiFind out the number/details of new / old / lost patients during a period.

2.      Find out the number/details of patients with a specific disease, administered a specific

 medicine, subjected to certain test or any of this combination…

3.pan style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">      Find out the number/details of patients referred by a certain doctor.


Additional Features

  1. The software shall be compatible for use with digital / web camera so that photos/video       recording of the patient may be attached with his data file.
  2. Patient’s Image management & Video file management implemented.
  3. Facility to generate prescriptions in different languages. The user shall be able to
     select the font that he wants to use and be able to word the instructions in
     selected language.
  4. Facility to delete function on double click on most of the place.


     ‘‘AXON’’ is an effective tool for patient data management, retrieval and analysis. It is a product designed to win hearts – both of the Doctors and the patients.

     ‘‘AXON’’ organizes patient care better, with lesser efforts thereby increasing doctor’s efficiency - allowing them to concentrate more on patients than on paperwork; resulting in increased respect and continuous patronage from their patients.

     ‘‘AXON’’ helps effortless maintenance of all records, to meet doctor’s personal as also all statutory requirements.