Eye Surgeon

Product Features


AXON Eye Surgeion is contains the basic features of AXON Product

To view AXON features please see the AXON Product Features.

Features list for the software for Eye Surgeon


O.P.D. Patients

  • 1. Record details of all patients when seen in O.P.D.
  • 2. The software generates O.P.D. register automatically.


Appointments & Reception Module

  • 1. Patient Appointments shall be given according to time slots generated.
  • 2. Status of the patient like not reported, waiting, examined by reception person, examined by doctor, receipt saved, receipt printed.
  • 3. Patient basic details & preliminary examination shall be entered from reception.
  • 4. Patients OPD receipts, Credit Memo & Cash Memo, Company patient charges shall be generated from reception.
  • 5. Customized theme color can be given for each status of patient's appointments.


Multilingual Prescriptions

  • 1. Generate prescriptions in English, Hindi and Gujarati for all your O.P.D. and indoor patients.
  • 2. View, re-print, and edit the previous prescriptions of the patient.
  • 3. Create standard prescriptions that are retrieved when a diagnosis for the patient is selected.



  • 1. Create any number of templates for certificates or letters.
  • 2. Information is retrieved from patient’s data, when the template is opened.
  • 3. Save details of the certificates issued to a patient.


Clinical Note:

  • 1. Standard Clinical complaints, examination shall be entered in three levels specifying Left & Right or both eyes.



  • 1. Facility to enter readings for glasses as follows.

    Spherical: +0.00 to +20.50 in the increment of 0.25
                      Plain, Fogging, Error, Ground & Same (with Positive & Negative readings)

    Cylinder: +0.00 to +5.75 in the increment of 0.25 (with Positive & Negative readings)

    Axis: 5o to 180o in the increment of 5o
    Dist. Vision: 6/6, 6/6 P, 6/9, 6/9 P, 6/12, 6/12 P, 6/18, 6/18 P, 6/24, <6/24 P, 6/36, <6/36 P,


                     6/60, <6/60, 6/60, FC

    Near. Vision: N.6, N.8, N.10, N.12, N.18, N.24, N.36

    Note: In case of additions Spherical & Cylinder reading gets calculated automatically by

adding near

              reading into distance reading according to plus & minus sign.


  •               If Cyl reading is entered then Axis data entry is compulsory

              In case of near reading entry Cyl. & Axis data will carry forward in both left & right.

  • 2. Facility to enter data for IPD (Inter papillary distance), Purpose, Quality, and Remark for glasses.
  • 3. Facility to enter masters list for Purpose, Quality & Remark related to glasses.
  • 4. Facility to save & print only glasses reading also, facility to print Rx with or without Rx as per preset
  • option in print setup.
  • 5. Facility to view visits wise history of glasses readings.

Purchase (Inward for Lens/Medicine/Disposable)

  • 1. Facility to enter Lens/Medicine/Disposable purchase entry with Purchase Date, Product code, Supplier,
  • Lens Type, Qty, Payment details.
  • 2. Facility to search purchase entry by purchase date, supplier & lens type.
  • 3. Facility to view & print lens purchase list generated by above criteria.
  • 4. Facility to enter min qty level of Lens/Medicine/Disposable. Facility to view     Lens/Medicine/Disposable
  • at minimum level & need to reorder.


Stock Register (Lens/Medicine/Disposable)

  • 1. Facility to view & print Lens/Medicine/Disposable inward & outward stock details.


Lens Damage Entry

  • 1. Facility to enter lens damage entry with date, Qty & remark.


Operative Notes

  • 1. Facility to create standard operative notes.
  • 2. Facility to enter no of lances used for surgery with type of lances.
  • 3. Payment details for surgery get automatically displayed if bill & receipt is prepared for the patient.
  • 4. Easy to create, retrieve and edit operative notes for a patient.


Operative Register

  • 1. Gets generated automatically through the system
  • 2. Easy to search for operative records of any patient.
  • 3. Know how many operations of a particular type have been performed.


Surgery Schedule

  • 1. Allow you to arrange and record a surgery for any day.
  • 2. Retrieve all surgeries performed in the past.
  • 3. Shows all surgeries scheduled between any two dates.


Discharge Summary

  • 1. Facility generate discharge summary from portative details.
  • 2. Generate discharge summary by entering details like History, Clinical Note, Diagnosis, and Investigation & Surgery.
  • 3. Facility to prepare standard discharge summary template to minimize typing.


Cash Memo & Credit Memo (for Company & Mediclaim)

  • 1. Facility to generate cash memo for patient with following details

Date, Bill No, Patient Name, Billing details (Sr No, Particulars & Amount),
Name of Surgery, GMC Reg. No & Hosp. Reg. No.


  • 2. Facility to generate Credit Memo for Mediclaim Company with the details mentioned above. In this case patient’s Mediclaim Ref.CCN No is required.
  • 3. Facility to generate Credit Memo for Company with the details mentioned above. In this case patient’s PL No in the company is required.
  • 4. Facility to generate Credit Memo for Company with statement & total amount billed to the patients.

Statements shall be generated from the software by using company patient receipt.


Form 3c Register (Cash & Credit receipt registers)

  • 1. Generate receipts for the charges taken.
  • 2. Form 3C register gets generated automatically.
  • 3. Form 3C date-wise registers to give you a summary report.
  • 4. Flexibility that you have always wanted.
  • 5. Income can be analyzed by searching it with different particulars.



  • 1. Single screen for entry of any other income, all expenses through cash or cheque during a day for
  • multiple bank accounts.
  • 2. Know the balance in your bank accounts through the software itself.
  • 3. Track investments during a period.
  • 4. Manage cash in hand.
  • 5. Analysis of income & expense by searching it with different heads & particulars.


Image & Document Management

  • 1. Capture patients’ photograph by the software.
  • 2. Attach photographs & clinical document of patients taken before, after or during the operation.
  • 3. Short-listing by image name or diagnosis
  • 4. Retrieve specific photographs from hundreds, on a click.



  • 1. Attach as many educative photographs as you wish and retrieve them at a click of a button.

Theme (Customized Screen colors)

  1.       1. Facility to change screen color scheme for customized look of the software.


User Defined Rights

  1.       1. Facility to create users and set their admin rights to access software.

Above all:
      Analysis of Patient Data


  •            1. Find out the number/details of new / old / lost patients during a period.
  •            2. Find out the number/details of patients with a specific disease, administered a specific                medicine, and subjected to certain test, Surgery performed or any of this combination.

Find out the number/details of patients referred by a certain doctor.


Note: AXON - Eye Suegeon does not contains indoor feature same as AXON Product as it has different kind of operation.


List of Features Add in the existing ‘AXON – Ophthalmologist’ software as per our discussion

Family & Past Medical History
On main screen Facility to enter patient’s family & past history.


Clinical Complaints
On main screen Facility to enter patient’s complaints.


Clinical Findings
On main screen Facility to enter patient’s clinical findings.


User can also prepare standard templates for family & past medical history, Clinical Complaints & Clinical Findings. This template can be used to select relevant data for patient history. These Templates minimizes typing.




On Investigation screen facility to categorize investigation in different group like

Laboratory, X-Ray & Scan.

Investigation can be short listed by category name.


In Masters menu Procedure Master add to prepare procedure list with standard procedure note.


User can enter procedure details on procedure screen with data like

procedure name, note, complications, impression & remark.

Software will maintain history of all the procedure done for a patient.

Print can be generated for procedure details.


Procedure Register

In Registers menu Procedure register screen added.

Procedure register gives facility to search procedure between two dates, procedure name,

complications, and impression.

Also, facility to generate print of procedure report with the details like procedure date, SrNo, name, complications, impression etc.


Advice (General Advice)

On main screen facility added to enter advise given to the patient.

User can type advice manually or select from standard list.

Advice gets printed on Prescription.


On main screen facility added to select reaction to drops. User can also type reaction to drops

manually. Also, Facility to enter other reactions.

Reaction to drops & other reaction get printed on Operative note of the patient.


Operative Note

Operative note modified as per format provided.

Facility to enter reaction to drops & reaction to others, postoperative specific care.

Space allocated to stick IOL sticker in Operative note print.

Diagnosis master modified as per the format provided.
Facility to classify diagnosis in different diagnosis part.




On medicine master screen facility to shortlist medicine by formulation & combination of drug

group & formulation.

Letter Format
As per discussion on Letter Format screen Tags added for Family & Past Medical History, Clinical Complaints, Clinical Findings, Tentative Diagnosis, Final Diagnosis,
Reaction to drops & others, General Advice, Investigation, Procedure, Operation & Vision.