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General Surgeon

A Product By:

MAZE Designers & Developers
– working with doctors since past 8 years

Finally a software that helps a doctor with everything that he needs during a day to handle his patients efficiently, and a little more

v Patient records – OPD and IPD
v Multilingual Prescriptions
v Certificates
v Photographs & Video Capturing
v Patient accounts
v Receipt generation
v 3C Register
v OPD and IPD Register
v Accounts
v Income and Expense Register
v Patient Education
v Complete Record keeping
v Data Analysis

A feature packed product combined with user-friendly interface and backed up by excellent support by our ‘ready to help’ staff

AXON – General Surgeon:
Software Features

1. No prior knowledge / expertise in operating computers is required.
2. Minimum typing required.
3. With little practice it allows you to generate a prescription and receipt in less than a minute.
4. Adding, Editing, deleting data possible from the same screens - No masters concept
5. Handle more than one patient at a time.
6. Enjoy all the flexibilities that you enjoy now.

Patient Records
1. Patients’ personal details, complains, clinical findings, diagnosis, investigations and prescriptions all on mouse clicks.
2. Patient specific reminders that pop up on his every visit.
3. Allergies of a patient related to drug administration.
4. Important details related to a patient displayed on main screen itself.
5. Patient’s history retrieved / printed on a single click.
- Indoors
1. Handle details of an indoor patient in less than a minute.
2. Retain / modify records whenever required.
3. Discharge Summary generated through the software itself..
4. Modification / reprint of a discharge summary possible.
- Certificates
1. Define your own formats for certificates / letters.
2. Generate patient specific certificates / letters at a click of a button.
3. Store details with patient data.
- Photographs & Video Capturing
1. Facility to add patient specific photographs / scanned images etc.. in history and also can capture images & can store video from web camera..

1. Prescriptions in English, Hindi, Gujarati and other two local languages at a click of a button.
2. Provision to print duplicate prescriptions.
3. Create several Standard Prescriptions related to a diagnosis and retrieve them at a click.
4. Add dietary instructions, specific advise to prescription at a click of a button.
5. Save on stationery by using the back page and ½ page prescription facilities.
Accounts Receipts 1. Generate / Print receipts for patients with a click or two.
2. Receipt register gets generated automatically.
3. Facility to correct a wrong entry in receipt.
Daily Transactions 1. Single screen for entry of any other income, all expenses through cash or cheque during a day.
2. Know the balance in your bank accounts through the software itself.
3. Track investments during a period.

Automatically generates & maintains:
1. OPD Register
2. Indoor Register
3. 3C Case Register
4. Pending Amount Register
5. Income & Expense Register
6. Image & Document Register
7. Next Visit Register
1. Attach as many educative photographs as you wish and retrieve them at a click of a button.
2. Keep on changing / updating photographs.
Above all
- Analysis of Patient Data
1. Find out the number/details of new / old / lost patients during a period.
2. Find out the number/details of patients with a specific disease, administered a specific medicine, subjected to certain test or any of this combination…
3. Find out the number/details of patients referred by a certain doctor.