Software for Pathology Lab
Finally a software that helps you with everything that you need during a day to handle your patients efficiently, and a little more
v Customized Routine Test Reports
v Customized Surgical Pathology Test Report
v Patients Registration
v Acknowledgement Slip & Acknowledgement Register
v Routine Report Result Entry
v Comparative Study of Test Parameters
v Routine Test Report Register
v Surgical Pathology Report Result Entry
v Report Template
v Specimen Register
v Surgical Pathology Test Report Register
v Receipt
v Form 3c Register
v Date Wise 3C Register
v Charge Master
v Professional Charges
v Professional Register
v Print Setup
v Letters & Certificates
v Image & Document Management
v Analysis of Patient Data
v Email Test Reports
A feature packed product combined with user-friendly interface and backed up by excellent support by our ‘ready to help’ staff
MAZE Designers & Developers – working with doctors since past 8 years


Features of the software for Laboratory

Customized Routine Test Reports
· Customize all routine test reports according to your working style.
· Enter new test formats as and when required.
· Define test name as well as the group name for which test belong to.
· Define Main Titles, sub parameters, gender wise & age wise normal range, Options for results.
· Define different methods used for test.
· Define tabular format general remark or normal range table.
· Set formulas on test parameters for calculating results of any parameters automatically.
· Set checks on numeric results calculations to avoid false data entry.
Software shall remind user whenever user enters false results by mistake.
Customized Surgical Pathology Test Report
· Predefined surgical pathology reports like
Histo Pathology, Cytology, Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA), Bone marrow report, Pap smear Screening Report, Microbiology Report.
· Customize (modify) report parameters name for surgical pathology tests mentioned above.
Patients Registration
· Register patient with Lab no, all the relevant patients’ information like Name, Age, Gender, Contact Address & Contact Nos, Referring doctor’s name.
· Select Test to be performed for patient from list of Pathological as well as surgical pathology tests.
· Mention Sample details (like Random, Fasting etc.).
· Mention Sample Collected at (i.e. Specimen collected at details like Lab Visit, Personal Visit etc.).
· Search registered by Patient’s name, Lab No, Registration Date.
Acknowledgement Slip & Acknowledgement Register
· Generate acknowledgement slip automatically from the test Performed for the patients with their charges.
· Specify Report Collection date & time.
· Specify amount paid by patient & amount due.
· Save or print acknowledgement slip.
· View acknowledgement receipts generates between any two dates.
· View total paid amount & due amount for the day.
Routine Report Result Entry
· Easy to access any test format from the test to be performed list for patient.
· Print test on individual pages as well as on same page if they are of same test group & test parameters are limited.
· Include or exclude normal range from the report print.
· Mark test parameters that are performed by using selected method.
· Print general remark or normal ranges in table format.
· If Test result is not within range software will print that result in bold.

Comparative Study of Test Parameters
· Facility to make comparative study of report parameters.
When patient comes regularly for some test then comparative study of that test parameters can be generated from all past results. This comparative test parameters summery shall generate in excel format.
Routine Test Report Register
· View routine test performed between any two specified period.
· Analyzed data by test, by referring doctor name between specified periods.
· Search any patient’s record by lab no.
· Delete any report in case of wrong report result entry.
Surgical Pathology Report Result Entry
· Facility to access any surgical pathology test report by clicking respective button.
· Facility to enter Specimen details, Diagnosis Name / code, Organ Name / Code.
· Facility to attach & view images or any clinical document with the patients’ record.
· Facility to enter report results entry in long text format for all parameters.
· Facility for spelling check for result entry.
· Facility to view & print surgical pathology report in word format.
· Facility to take result data from default report template to minimize report result entry time.
Report Template
· Facility to enter standard template for all surgical pathology reports.
· On report result using these standard report result entry screen can access entry screen default data.
Specimen Register
· View surgical pathology test performed between any two specified period.
· View data by test name & by referring doctor name,
· Search any patient’s record by lab no.
· Facility to enter slide or block hand over details.
· Facility to enter any report specific reminder by selecting record from the list.
Surgical Pathology Test Report Register
· View surgical pathology test reports between any two specified periods.
· Analyzed data by test, by referring doctor name, by diagnosis name / code, organ name / code between specified periods.
· Search any patient’s record by lab no.
· Delete any report in case of wrong report result entry.
· View & reprint one or more reports in word format by clicking records from the list.
· Generate Receipt from acknowledgement register. Receipt shall automatically generate from pending acknowledgement slip.
· Save & print Receipt.
· Receipt no shall follow accounting year & starts from ‘1’ from every new accounting year.
Form 3c Register
· Form 3C register gets generated automatically from receipt records.
· Flexibility to modify receipts from 3C Register.
· Generate 3c Register in excel format.
Date Wise 3C Register
· Form 3C date-wise registers to give you a summary report.
· Facility to generate date wise 3c Register in excel format.
Charge Master
· Define laboratory charge list. User can modify particulars and amount when charges revised.
Professional Charges
· Facility to define test wise professional charges for doctors.
Professional Register
· Facility to generate professional charge register between any to specified periods.
Print Setup
· Customized doctors’ name in report print.
· Set plain paper or letterhead option. In case of letterhead option software shall generate later head details.
· Define margins separately for Routine Test Report, Surgical Pathology Test Report, and Acknowledgement Slip & Receipt.
· Customized Font Name & Font size for all the sections report.
· Include or exclude Referring doctor’s name, Patient Tel No, Patient’s address on report.
· Customized font name & font size of all the sections of report.
· Define lab prefix for lab no pattern.
· Facility to add any general footer in report print.
· Define your own formats for certificates / letters.
· Generate patient specific certificates / letters at a click of a button.
· Store details with patient data.
Above all:
Analysis of Patient Data
· For Routine Test analyzed patients’ data by test, by referring doctor name between specified periods.
· For surgical pathology analyzed patients’ data by diagnosis & organ between specified periods.