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Pediatric Product Features


The unique features of ‘‘AXON SOFTWARE’’ are;


  • ‘‘AXON SOFTWARE’’ maintains a complete track of entire history of the patient and helps in augmenting diagnosis methodology through its analytical capabilities


  • ‘‘AXON SOFTWARE’’ makes multilingual prescriptions and patient records to be printed more legibly, in an organized format.


  • ‘‘AXON SOFTWARE’’ is fully customizable software.  In a few minutes, it can be set up to work as the Doctor does. Its user-friendly operations enhance the pleasure of working with it, making it an integral part of practice, as time goes by.


  • ‘‘AXON SOFTWARE’’ comes with a complete, exhaustive integrated ‘help’ file.



- OPD                                        

1.    Patients’ personal details, complains, clinical findings, diagnosis, investigations and prescriptions all on mouse clicks.

2.    Patient specific reminders that pop up on his every visit.

3.    Allergies of a patient related to drug administration.

4.    Important details related to a patient displayed on main screen itself.

5.    Patient’s history retrieved / printed on a single click.

- Indoors

1.    Handle details of an indoor patient in less than a minute.

2.    Discharge Summary generated through the software itself.

3.    Modify / reprint a discharge summary.



1.    Customizable Vaccine Schedules.

2.    Vaccination related to vaccine stocks.

3.    Vaccine order reminders can be set for individual vaccines.

4.    Vaccine reminders through e-mails for patients.


- Certificates

1.    Create your own pre-formatted templates for certificates / letters.

2.    Generate patient specific certificates / letters at a click of a button.


- Photographs

Facility to add patient specific photographs / scanned images etc…



  1. Prescriptions in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati at a click of a button.
  2. Provision for printing duplicate prescription.
  3. Create several Standard Prescriptions related to a diagnosis and retrieve them at a click.
  4. Add next due vaccines, over-due vaccines, age related instructions, specific advise to prescription at a click of a button.
  5. Save on stationery by using the back page and ½ page prescription facilities.




1.    Generate indoor bills for the patient.

2.    Transfer all details to receipt on single click.

3.    Facility to create standard indoor bills.


1.    Generate / Print receipts for patients through the software.

2.    3C register gets generated automatically.

3.    Facility to keep track of advance received and discounts given.

4.    Facility to correct a wrong entry in receipt.

5.    Facility to accept cheques.

6.    Facility to handle Company patients and company-wise accounts

Daily Transactions

1.    Single screen for entry of any other income, all expenses through cash or cheque during a day.

2.    Track investments during a period.



Automatically generates & maintains:

  1. OPD Register
  2. Indoor Registers
  3. Vaccine Administration Register
  4. Vaccine Stock Register
  5. 3C Case Register
  6. Indoor Bill Register
  7. Company patient Register
  8. Pending professional fees Register

9.    Income & Expense Register

10. Bank-wise transactions records

11. Investment records



Attach as many educative photographs as you wish and retrieve them at a click of a button.



- Analysis of Patient Data

1.    Find out the number/details of new / old / lost patients during a period.

2.    Find out the number/details of patients with a specific disease, administered a specific medicine, subjected to certain test or any of this combination…

3.    Find out the number/details of patients referred by a certain doctor.



The software comes with an in-built help that guides you through the entire software.



Additional Features


  1. The software is compatible for use with digital / web camera so that photos/video recording of the patient may be attached with his data file.
  2. Patient’s Image management & Video file management implemented.
  3. Facility to generate prescriptions in different languages. The user can able to select the font that he wants to use and be able to word the instructions in selected language.
  4. The software has the facility to upgrade the drugs from the IAP drug formulary.
  5. Default vaccination schedule in the software is as recommended by IAP.
  6. The age related data for head circumference, height and weight shall be changed to that provided by IAP. BMI, Expected height of the child shall be calculated by the software.
  7. Growth chart of Weight, Height, Head Circumference, BMI implemented as per data provided by IAP.
  8. Facility is given to enter the height of mother and father and expected height of the child shall be calculated.
  9. The diagnosis can be reworded as per ICD codes.
  10. Facility to update ICD code whenever new version released.
  11. Complete software has designed on higher end database MySQL Server.

Data storage capacity reliability of the software is improved due to higher end database.




  • ‘‘AXON’S SOFTWARE’’ is an effective tool for patient data management, retrieval and analysis. It is a product designed to win hearts – both of the Doctors and the patients.


  • ‘‘AXON’S SOFTWARE’’ organizes patient care better, with lesser efforts thereby increasing doctor’s efficiency - allowing them to concentrate more on patients than on paperwork; resulting in increased respect and continuous patronage from their patients.


‘‘AXON’S SOFTWARE’’ helps effortless maintenance of all records, to meet doctor’s personal as also all statutory requirements

AXON Pediatric Software – Features List for Version 2.0


Main Screen

  1. Calculate Dosage in ‘ml’ up to decimal points below 1 ml, e.g. 0.1, 0.2,0.25, 0.3 etc…
  2. Calculate tablet dosage to nearest lower value.
  3. Facility to delete special & additional vaccine from patient’s vaccine schedule.
  4. Facility to view today’s patient list ordered by visit no and time.
  5. When vaccine schedule is regenerated, vaccine schedule should get rescheduled automatically.
  6. Separate flag for Vaccine not needed with ‘NR’ sign in vaccine schedule

7.    On re-generation of vaccine schedule, it should also re-generate special and additional vaccines if any in the patient schedule.

  1. Display patient DOB on clinical notes screen. (Clinical notes, Expand, History, Past visit, Letters, Growth chart)
  2. Height, Head circum. and BMI should display on top in clinical notes section.
  3. Once vaccine status is set as 'Y' it should not show in vaccine due reminder list, if status is set before vaccine actual date.
  4. On click of LP or New case it should prompt to clear clinical note section if there is any content in clinical notes and visit is not saved.
  5. Add short cut for ‘Show Schedule’.
  6. Add short cut for ‘Return to Main screen’ on clinical notes screen.

14. Show popup for drug allergy on main screen for patient. (Optional)


Patient Personal Details

  1. Drop down list provided for Delivery Status on Patient Information screen.


Rx Print

  1. Print DOB in Rx.
  2. Print week day for next visit in prescription in all languages.
  3. Print Degree and qualification of doctor in Rx.
  4. Print ICD Code in Rx.
  5. Print registration number on Rx.
  6. Print investigation advised in bold letters.


Clinical Notes Template

  1. Provide search facility for third level in clinical notes.


Vaccine Schedule

1.    Facility to generate vaccine schedule by months and years apart from days.

  1. Print vaccine schedule blank report from vaccine schedule master.


Vaccine Report

  1. Set proper top margin on second page in vaccine report.
  2. Make/Batch/Remark should be optional on ‘Adm.Report’ printout. (Optional)
  3. Print proper full name of patient on vaccine admin report.
  4. Print specification for given status: “Given as per the history given by patients”.
  5. Facility to add vaccine report header. There shall be facility to type for multiline header.


Growth Chart

1.    Allow user to set Print orientation for Growth Chart. Export to excel and allow user to set print orientation and also other properties for print.



  1. Facility to generate text file for patients visit wise with visit history & patients attached files, so that user shall able to email it.


Medicine Master

  1. Drug group and formulation should not get cleared on save or delete of any medicine.



  1. Facility to print bill no. in indoor receipts.
  2. Print accounting year in receipt beside receipt no.
  3. Print registration number on receipt.


Appointment Schedule

  1. Print report for Appointment Schedule.


Vaccine Reminder

  1. Vaccine reminder shall be generated as selected, date wise not week wise.


Discharge Summary

  1. Print discharge weight on discharge summary.
  2. Print age of patient on discharge summary.
  3. Facility to create own list for “Condition of Admission & discharge”.


OPD Register

  1. Search facility for content of ‘Clinical notes’ in OPD Register.
  2. Bar charts on OPD register for total patient and total receipts per day or per month.
  3. Facility to search by DOB in OPD register


Address Book

  1. Facility to enter second address details.
  2. Envelope print on address book.
  3. Category wise search on selection list on address book.


Standard Indoor Bill

  1. Facility to print ‘Standard Indoor Bill’
  2. ‘Reception’ user also can print ‘Standard Indoor Bill’



  1. Allow user to select theme from default samples.


Investigation Master

  1. Search facility on Investigation Master
  2. Facility to delete sub items of standard investigation.


Master Menu

  1. Make separate menu for Master.


Margin for Reports

  1. Separate print setup for registers
  2. Facility to set ‘Top’ and ‘Left’ margins for ‘For Nurse’ in indoor records.


Software Registration

  1. Display remaining days for software registration
  2. Registration content provided on the registration page for ‘Get Key’.



  1. User shall able to set backup reminder days.
  2. Allow user to start with any receipt # for the first time, so that user can continue from where user stopped generating manual receipts.



  1. Generate folder structure of the backup data week days wise on selected drive.


AXON – Pediatric Software Version 3.0 Features:


Never Before

·         Swap, reorder and delete Case numbers

·         Delete Receipts

·         Added security for editing receipts

·         Employee Muster

·         Export registration and clinical information for a range of case numbers

·         Search patients by their birth dates and age group.

·         Search for admitted patients ‘date wise’



·         DOB does not get printed if it’s approximate.

·         Print temperature in place of DOB in Rx, if DOB is not printed

·         Change and set printing order of the medicine as desired

·         Print medicine related instruction on second line and special instruction on third line

·         Drops calculation in round figures, without decimals

·         OPD charges can optionally be printed in footer

·         Delete the [*] mark from administered vaccine

·         Option to copy previous Rx without clinical notes

·         Clear Rx removes diagnosis completely, but not the next visit date

·         Popup message if ‘next visit’ date is blocked for appointments

·         Prompt for Next visit on print. Next visit generated as entered, or none if not opted

·         Add medicines in ‘chronic medicines’ list

·         Improved space management in footer


Alternate Medicines

·         Open and select medicines using keyboard only


Patient Management

·         Birth weight displayed as tool tip on the ‘weight’ text box.

·         Previously given advice seen when saved visit is re-opened

·         Patient weight & age displayed on ‘View Rx’ screen

·         Display last visited days beside the last visited date.



·         Print vaccine brand name with vaccines given

·         ‘Show Schedule’ expands vaccine section automatically

·         View vaccines given on a particular visit


Ward Details

·         Customizable title for each bed in the ward

·         Prints nurses’ orders ward wise

·         Display of patient name, diagnosis and admission date


Discharge Summary

·         Set margins for the discharge summary

·         Weight at admission copied over if discharge weight is entered while prescribing medicines

·         Select medicines from Standard Rx

·         Clear medicines temporarily from Standard indoor list to add on discharge summary

·         Rx from first indoor record copied over to treatment given section

·         Titles not printed if no data is entered

·         Print medicine instructions in local language like a regular prescription

·         Print DOA & DOD time in report discharge summary

·         Prints weight in discharge summary

·         Prints today’s date if discharge date not found

·         Investigations printed with their advised date

·         Easier selection of medicine and diagnosis using keyboard

·         Print Admission & Discharge Time in Indoor Bill



·         Added ‘waiting’ status for patients in list

·         Color code to distinguish patients examined and those waiting

·         Clear waiting patients from appointment list by clicking ‘Save without waiting’

·         First patient selected by default

·         Select other patients using up-down arrow keys

·         Check if the appointment date is open for appointment


Block Appointment

·         Checks if appointments have been given for the period to be blocked



·         Record temperature of the patient

·         Enter investigation results from reception menu

·         Make indoor bill entries

·         Select standard bills


Next Visit Register

·         Print patient telephone and contact details

·         City and mobile number display added



·         Print doctor’s address in local language

·         Register for issued letters

·         Search and print letters issued between two dates, category wise and ‘referred to’ doctor wise.

·         Save referral details and ‘referred to’ doctor name



·         Select patient from investigation screen. Handle multiple cases on one screen

·         Separate display for ‘pending investigation results’


Clinical Note

·         Selected Sub category gets highlighted

·         Click on another item under main category resets highlighted sub category


Keyboard Operations

·         Remove medicines from Rx list by selecting medicine and pressing ‘Delete’ key

·         ‘Alt + O’ to set cursor in Rx list on OPD screen

·         ‘Ctrl + W’ for indoor patient register

·         ‘Alt +Z’ for medicine drop down list

·         ‘Alt +C’ for ‘Search Patient’

·         ‘Ctrl +F’ for Clinical note box.

·         ‘Ctrl +T’ for Pending Investigation List.

·         Select ‘STD Rx’ from keyboard. Hit ‘enter’ on keyboard, in search box to view Rx. Press up-down keys to move within records


Better Contacts, Better Relations

·         Search by Date of birth, irrespective of year. Convey best wishes through SMS (Optional)

·         Shorting option on patient search for DOB column – Only when search by DOB range


Address Book

·         Enter doctor’s address in local language

·         Improved search by name


SMS Module (Additional)

·         Create templates for SMS

·         Send bulk SMS for vaccine reminder

·         SMS birthday wishes

·         SMS reminders for next visit

·         SMS OPD Rx (Medicine name, dosage and frequency)

·         Send Quick SMS on any cell phone

·         Send Birthday SMS to patient & address contacts



Upcoming Features in ‘Axon’ – Pediatric Software v4.0 (Releasing in April 2011)



Features at a glance:


 ‘Axon’ Start

·         Software changes the accounting year only after it is acknowledged

·         All reminders for Vaccine, Patient visits, Birthdays and Personal Reminders are now available on one single screen at startup.

·         Facility to send SMS / email directly from reminder screen.


 Main Screen

·         Show the age group wise reminders when patient is selected. Once the reminder is acknowledged, it will not show again for the patient as long as he is in the same age group.


 Patient Search

·         Search by father occupation on Patient Search.

·         Attach and play video files through the software.



·         Line height can be specified in decimal too on print setup screen.

·         Option to print pending professional fees of patient in footer of Rx.

·         Option to print Height, Weight & Head Circum along with range and BMI (Anthropometry info)

·         Improved facility to add medicines in the prescription.

·         Facility to Input text box provide for frequency, quantity and days same as dosage.

·         Facility to create reminders for patient based on their age group

·         Print batch number of the vaccine stock along with brand name in Rx.


 Patient history

·         Facility to export complete clinical history of the patient to a single text file.



·         Patient birth weight can be entered by reception on patient registration.

·         Clinical notes can be entered using templates.

·         Option to allow receptionist to re-generate patient vaccine schedule.


 Letters – Register

·         Facility to search for issued letters based on the letter type


 Visit Info

·         Improved information management for visits.

·         Facility to define ‘Admission Date’, ‘Discharge Date’, ‘Referring Doctor’, ‘Hospital Charge’, ‘Doctor Share’, ‘TDS’ and ‘Net Total’ for each visit.

·         Facility to export visit information in Excel.


 Staff Attendance

·         Facility to specify paid leave on attendant sheet to calculate exact salary.


 Indoor Patient

·         Facility to specify referring doctor’s name

·         Facility to search indoor patient records by referring doctor



 Vaccine Module

·         Name check to prevent duplicate vaccines in vaccine schedule.

·         Sr.No. for new vaccine generates automatically on vaccine schedule.

·         Dependent vaccine can be selected by name instead of sr. no.

·         Option to sort vaccine schedule by Vaccine group or vaccine name.

·         Option to add vaccine display (Print) name for Rx. Like we have discussed if doctor want to print something else in place of vaccine name DTP or OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine)

·         Facility to specify the buying and selling price when entering vaccine stock

·         Selling price automatically added in receipt OPD on administration of the vaccine

·         Option to specify body parts e.g. ‘left leg’ in remarks

·         Vaccine usage register

·         Facility to search by batch number on vaccine stock register.

·         Export patient vaccine schedule in Excel.


 Backup and Restore Utility

·         Distinct bifurcation of backup and restore utilities



 SMS Module Features (Optional):

·         Quick/Custom SMS can be sent to multiple patients from patient search register

·         Quick/Custom SMS can be sent to multiple people from address book.

·         Send email to patient or personal contacts by using email templates or custom email.

·         Facility to create Customized email template

·         Email log added to view the emails sent with feature to auto delete after 15 days  (Clear log facility is given prompt by password)

·         Email can be sent using outlook settings

·         Search by email address of the patient on patient search

·         SMS can be sent to a patient on multiple mobile numbers

·         Auto reminder for due vaccination to patient by SMS when software starts

·         Option to send SMS to patient or personal contact on consent only.

·         Facility to view SMS balance on SMS configuration screen and when SMS is sent

·         Add three characters of Medicine Unit in Prescription SMS along with Medicine Name.

·         If the referring doctor’s name is selected from address book, send thanks SMS to referring doctor when patient record is saved. SMS content would include Patient Name and diagnosis.

·         Delete facility for SMS Log

·         *Flash SMS can be sent from software.

·         *Sender mobile number can be inserted in SMS settings page. (Subject to facility being provided by your SMS service provider)


* Subject to SMS provider’s support for the facility


Added additional points during implementation

1.     Patient search facility given on Quick SMS

2.     Indoor bill share of the referring doctor can be managed.

3.     Referring doctor indoor bill share register can be generated.

4.     Improvement has been done to use software on multiple connections.

5.     Password protected delete log and email log.

6.     Improved SMS configurations option. User can easily switch to any other domain.

7.     Basic magnifier control added in software. Facility to keep magnifier screen “always on top”

8.     Appointment slot wise Card number

9.     Appointment slot wise display. Option provided to view by auto on load of screen.

10.  Digital signature for doctor in prescription, discharge summary, receipts, vaccine report, indoor rx, indoor bill.

11.  Separate print setup provided for vaccine report.

12.  Patient weight and height should get copy if patients come within given period of time.

13.  Facility to sort DOB column by ascending and descending on patient search.