Channel Letters

Our channel letters are made with the most advanced tecnology and materials, additionaly we guaranty that our channel letters are fire proof, water proof, electric shock and wind proof.

Windows Signs

Contrary to Neon, our window signs are visible 24 hr. They will provide a better and more clear image of your name and product. The electrical consumption of our window sings is the equivalent of 1% of the regular Neon signs.

Vehicle Signage

Our line of signs for vehicles will give the best appearance to your name and product on the streets. We can also make your sign according to your logo and install it on your vehicle.


Our The Sign Center craftsmen produce the highest quality signs. We use quality materials in conjunction with a quality control program to insure your sign meets your expectations. Our signs are built to meet or exceed UL specifications.

Custom Signs

We handle every aspect of sign design and creation. We begin with an initial consultation to produce sketches, scaled drawings, 3d animated models and final blueprints based on your requirements. The Dot2Dot Signs can design signage using original logos and artwork or adapt your existing logo or letterhead to fit into a sign program suited to your specific needs.